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Sales Excellence

Sustainable improvement of sales success

Sales excellence is the most direct lever for increasing corporate earnings; outstanding sales performance is increasingly becoming a decisive competitive advantage for companies in highly competitive markets. Sales excellence starts with a differentiating sales strategy, leads to an efficient organization and sales management, and ends with a “sales spirit” that is lived every day.

From our project experience, sales excellence can be achieved above all through solid sales experience, tact and sensitivity in customer contact, and the courage to break new ground in sales in the context of digitization. For example, how do you handle new digital sales channels and new customer groups? How do you manage your sales activities based on potential and earnings? How do you ensure that the necessary sales skills are consistently developed?

Sales excellence leads to new strategies

With our Batten & Company Sales Excellence approach – consisting of 4 modules according to Figure 1 – we support your company to …

  • …audit your current sales performance and use it to define and consistently anchor the optimal sales strategy,
  • …sustainably improve your sales approach to customers and the acquisition process,
  • … to develop and introduce profit-oriented sales compensation models,
  • …successfully implement the designed optimizations through active change management, both by supporting your managers and by training your employees.

You can also read our latest article on the topic of innovative business models- in cooperation with Springer Professional- here.

Figure 1: The 4 dimensions of the Batten & Company Sales Excellence approach

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