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The great importance of brands for the success of a company is well known today. A strong brand is a crisis-proof capital of every company and therefore of great value. However, to date, this value has only been quantified in monetary terms, i.e. a determination of the brand value, in very few cases.

This fact is all the more surprising because at the same time there is a steadily growing need for a well-founded and reliable statement about this value variable. Value-oriented brand management and brand valuation are now no longer a topic for marketing and brand management alone. Other corporate departments such as controlling also have an ever greater interest in a valuable brand, which ultimately also has a direct impact on their area of activity.Batten & Company’s BEVA model (Brand Equity Valuation for Accounting) enables companies to determine their monetary brand equity and thus makes a sustainable contribution to achieving our clients’ project goals.


  •  Brand management and controlling
  •  Optimization of brand portfolio and architecture
  •  Brand budget allocation
  •  Brand as a financing instrument
  •  Price determination in mergers & acquisitions
  •  Determining the value of a brand purchase
  •  Quantification of the brand contribution to the company’s success
  •  Determination of the brand license rate.

The BEVA model is a combination of financially oriented and behavioral brand value measurement and brand valuation. The recognized valuation method fulfills the requirements of DIN ISO Standard 10668, allowing you to base strategic brand decisions from portfolio optimization to brand licensing on quantitative data and to speak the language of the finance department when budgeting. The concept was developed by an interdisciplinary team of brand valuation experts specializing in marketing and auditing as part of Batten & Company’s collaboration with Ernst & Young. The procedure guarantees in the best possible way the consideration of both the strategic marketing-oriented and the accounting-financial perspective.


Top management as well as brand managers benefit from a (regular) determination of the monetary brand value:

Brand increases the company value and contributes significantly to the company success. Knowledge of the monetary value of your brand supports, among other things, questions about brand architecture and represents an important decision criterion for allocating the overall budget to the brands. In addition, knowledge of the brand value strengthens your negotiating position and price determination in mergers & acquisitions and provides orientation in the calculation of an objective usage fee for the brand in licensing.



Batten & Company combines the best of three worlds for our clients: To determine your brand value, we combine our expertise in brand management, market research and brand evaluation from over 500 brand management consulting projects. As a member of the Brand Evaluation Forum, we set the standards for brand evaluations together with other experts and continuously develop our approaches.

Would you like to learn more about brand evaluation or do you have any questions? Our brand evaluation experts will be happy to present our approaches and tools to you at a joint appointment and answer any further questions personally.

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